Update on King’s Kids young 3 days’ camp

Thu , 28-8-2008

Watermelon…. Longed for indeed, especially in the hot days of Israeli summer….


Watermelon…. Longed for indeed, especially in the hot days of Israeli summer….
But not just any watermelon, and not just Israeli watermelon (which is known to be the best  )… but watermelon WITH black seeds…
Did you know that such watermelon are hardly grown nowadays here in Israel… a wonderful servant of the Lord has gone almost all over the Galillee trying to locate such a watermelon, to finally find it and bring it to our 3 days’ retreat with the King’s Kids young team… Her first question was: “why on earth did you need a watermelon with its black seeds?? you’d better have a good explanation??!!”…
At the end of the retreat, as we gave the certificates and summarized our whole year with the 26 participants who made it to the retreat out of the 60 who joined throughout the year, she definitely understood why we wanted it… We all did…

Each time we will eat a watermelon, definitely a one with seeds, but also a one without seeds, we will remember the 5 messages it holds for us:

  1. Yellow- in the peeling and in between the red and white, reminding us of Heaven, the beautiful place Jesus is preparing for each one of us. The place He longs for us all to be in when we depart this world.
  2.  Black- the SEEDS, aren’t they usually annoying when you’re trying to enjoy the wonderful watermelon? Well, just like sin… separating us from the wonderful relationship with our heavenly Father.
  3. Red- the blood of Jesus who could not leave us separated from the Father, yet came and by His sufferings and blood that was shed on the cross actually made a way back to the Father’s heart.
  4. White- the righteousness we receive as we are washed by the blood of the lamb and brought into the new covenant with the Father through Jesus Christ.
  5. Green – the growth that we experience as we walk the walk of faith and allow Christ to live in and through us.

That is what we studies in our 3 days’ camp, the mere core of our faith…. The salvation of our souls, all summed up in one bite of watermelon  (inspired by CEF material)

Worship, Bible studies, crafts, prayer, games, swimming, dancing, performing, chatting, sleeping, eating, sports, quiet time and then summary and graduation for the year 2007-2008…. All in 3 days.


We praise the Lord for His wonder working power… Only six months after last years’ King’s Kids young retreat, we first heard of the fruit of salvation that had occurred half a year earlier in the retreat… this is only another reason for us to know and believe that other than all the encouraging words, facial and eye expressions of these sweet kids seen throughout and at the end of the camp, there is eternal fruit for the Lord’s kingdom and for His glory alone, that we may know of later on earth or only see in heaven…

The Golden words…

As the famous Golden Word booklets have touched many lives and brought many to Ch
rist or at least presented an encounter with God along the life of many including leaders on our team… the Lord put on our hearts to create a little Golden Words’ booklet which includes all 28 precious verses the King’s Kids had learnt throughout this year… Printed in the middle of each booklet was the prayer for salvation… Sunday morning, last day of the retreat, we split the group into 9 teams, 2-4 in each team, each of the 9 leaders and co-leaders took a personal time with each one of the kids on his/her team and asked him/her whether they would like to be prayed for and whether they would like to personally invite Jesus into their lives or maybe renew their relationship with Him… all the kids asked for prayer, many had already received Jesus and needed to recommit to Him, but there were at least 5 kids who had never prayed the prayer of salvation, and on this bright and divine morning, they did.… they asked Jesus into their hearts…..

“ I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance” (Luke 15:7)

We know it is the work of the spirit of the Lord in the hearts of this young flock which brings them also as little kids to true repentance and salvation… therefore we pray that all of them would truly experience the life changing love of the one they have invited to be Lord over their life, Jesus Christ…

Thank you for your love, for your prayers and for your interest in what the Lord is doing in our midst….

We have a mighty God…. Amazing in all His ways… We stand in awe of Him…

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