A criminal becomes a disciple of Jesus

Thu , 13-6-2013

A criminal becomes a disciple of Jesus


A criminal becomes a disciple of Jesus
… in your light we see light (Psalm 36: 9)
K is an inmate who is sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. In jail he heard about Jesus but it took him a couple years of struggling with the darkness until he gave space to the real light, to drive his darkness out and help him surrender all to The Lord his Savior. K’s life started changing. The other prisoners were surprised and couldn’t understand what made K. this NEW MAN!!!They hit him, made tricks and stole his canteen money. All that K did was phone, ask us for prayer, receive courage from above and forgive them.
Prison authorities heard from Anis about K’s sufferings. They noticed too that he had really  changed, that he became a loving and forgiving person. As a result of this K. was moved to a another prison with better conditions.
Spending much time studying through the scriptures. Attending the Bible lessons that House of Light offers for inmates. Reading books about faith which we had given him, He is now stronger in faith and has already started sharing all what he had learned and experienced. In the beginning he met with one prisoner for prayer but over the weeks the number mutliplied. Today K. leads a group of 14 men. Seven of them he is able to meet every Tuesday and Thursday in the factory where they work inside the prison premises. The others he can reach only through phone.
K. continues to call us and ask about meanings and explanations of certain scriptures.
It is really amazing to see how K. lives the principle of discipleship. What he learns he shares with others, just as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:20. and 2 Timothy 2:2.
From the responsible of the prison we learned that K. is trustworthy. We support his ministry by paying his phone cards so that he can speak to the prisoners which he cannot meet. Besides, we put money in his canteen that K’s group can have snacks and sometimes different meals from the usual prison food.
Many thanks for everyone who helps through prayers and financial support, which make our ministry possible.
Please continue to pray for our prison ministry. Pray that more criminals become disciples of Jesus and teachers for others. And please pray especially for K. that God blesses him and his group and enlarges his territory (1 Chronicles 4:10)

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