Christmas Prison Visits 2015

Fri , 25-12-2015

During the Christmas Season, a team of HOL volunteers visits around 21 prisons in Israel to meet, talk and pray with convicts of christian backgrounds, to sing songs and distribute little Christmas presents.


Slowly slowly we walked towards the gate of this high security prison. Five of us coming to bring joy to the heart of the one lost sheep, or that’s what we’ve been told “there’s only one”. We are allowed to meet only with those from Christian background.  By faith, and trusting the Lord to meet the ones HE has prepared beforehand, we took couple Bibles, different languages in our hands. Waiting patiently for the gate to be opened, the Rabbi to receive us and walk us to the room arranged for our activity. Prayerfully we answered every question and we're eager to hear “You can go in”.
Approaching the room, we saw busy inmates as this was their one of biweekly opportunities to buy their needs at the prison canteen. One of them saw the cross on our T-shirts, and asked who we are. He himself was a Christian. He named two others he knew were there.
After greeting and welcoming the inmates that could join and getting to know their names, we started worshipping the Lord in couple different languages. Some of the languages we knew and others we learnt through phonetics. It always thrills the inmates hearing and also singing with us in their own language. A simple message followed. As the Lord promised, HE always puts the words in our mouths no matter what we have previously prepared, He knows what is needed for this specific person/group on that specific day. We concluded our lesson by a song and the message of salvation. The attendants were ready to pray and give their hearts to Jesus. We trust the Lord for their growth in faith and living in the “Newness of Life”. At the end of our time together, we women shook hands with the in mates, Anis & Nikolay hugged them expressing the Heavenly Father’s love. We gave each, a present, telling them that some loving and caring believers from Israel and other parts of the world have sent it for them because they do care and love them as the Lord commanded and as HE Himself has set an example before us. They are not forgotten. Their names are carved on Jesus’ palm.
The Rabbi then found another man we can visit. This one even needs more prayers as he believes in many wrong things and has tried couple times to end his life.
In different prisons we feel the big need of the “gift of tongues”. Just as the day of Pentecost, as beside the locals, there are some Africans, Asians, Eritreans and others....
Praise the Lord for the “Evangecube”  and “Father’s Love Letter” which are a great help for us, when because of language barriers, we can’t express ourselves with words.
So far we have visited three prisons.
Please pray with us for the upcoming visits all through December & January. Some visits are already set and others not yet. Two – three visits each day.
Dec 21, 22, 28, 29,
January 4th, 5th,7th +................
Appreciative of all your support in prayers and financially
Praying the Lord will give you back hundred folds
Have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy, fruitful New Year
Anis & Nawal/HOL

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