Prison ministry update - 2013

Wed , 30-1-2013

Rejoice with us and pray for us.

Thank you Dear faithful prayer warriors for your prayers. We love and appreciate you.


We left home early at five heading to Be''r Sheva'' with the intention to visit 4 prisons yesterday, Sunday 27th. Yet by the Lord''s grace we took enough time to visit in two prisons only, giving the inmates more quality time, passing from one section to another and meeting with those who chose to come out of their rooms and join.


A Prisoner’s True Cry

I’m S, 25 year old Eritrean who out of difficult life in my country, came to Israel looking for a better life. A new society, all different and strange for me, found no work and became a nowhere man and here I am now in prison, struggling with my thoughts and disappointments, feeling bad of my wrong behavior that led me to this dark place.

Yet, last night I felt a great need for a greater power. Something that is not from this world. That’s when I shouted to the Lord from the depth of my heart and he spoke clearly: “weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning“ Psalm 30:5 .

I woke up this morning fresh and enthusiastic, changed my dirty old clothes, feeling this is how I need to start anew. An hour later, I was moved from the old section in Be’r Sheva’ prison into a better section. Around noon I was visited by a group of believers from House of Light who led me to the Lord after teaching me about repentance and Redemption by The Blood of The Lamb. I couldn’t hold my tears of joy getting a Bible in my own Tigrinya language to read and grow in grace and in relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ who has forgiven all my sins. The One who heard my true cry and came from heaven to my dungeon to rescue me and brighten my life. Praise HIM.

Mercy Needed

I’m O, 28 year old. Already for the ninth time in prison because of drugs and robberies. I learnt this bad life in my family. A very poor broken family with even no bed to sleep on or food to eat. I am rejected by all those who know me. Today is a new day in my life and light shone inside my heart as I have prayed and asked Jesus into my heart. I believe, all my sins are washed away by the blood of the lamb. Yet I need support, mainly in prayers, that I can stick to my word and the promise I gave to my Lord. I will be released in two months. Where can I go. Who will accept me. Who will disciple me. Who can trust me and take me to his home/college or give me a job.

Anis from House of Light promised to follow up with me. Please pray for him to have the strength and patience from above to do that. I know that I’m not an easy person but we both trust The One Who “Nothing is impossible for HIM”

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