A dream comes true

Tue , 7-4-2020


Anis, founder of House of Light, had a dream which he never shared with others thinking it’s only a dream. He had already drawn a plan of a rehabilitation center on a farming land. This was his vision in 1974 after working for many years amongst addicts who got healed by prayer.


In 1997, our family purchased a farming land and only then Anis remembered, understood and shared his previous dream. The Lord has shown him a big bird flying before him for a distance until the bird reached a brook. This was the land we bought. It still is not approved for building a center, BUT by faith we dedicated it to the Lord’s work and already started having camps there in August 1998. Today, many programs are taking place there, women meetings, Youth gatherings, Jews & Arabs coming together as one in Christ. This group plants a tree or more, the next year others eat the fruits and plant more trees. Caring for each other and for the coming generations in Israel to always be united and bring peace, shining the Light of Jesus in our country, region and the whole world. Individual counseling and small sessions also take place on this land too.

 All of a sudden, we found ourselves amidst a big sea which can turn into a very stormy one at times. We did not have a clue how to swim this sea, yet Jesus who called us to go there, taught us. HE continues to calm down the sea of life, by HIS word.

“Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them” mark 11:24 (verse on center plan above)

Neighboring the land is a village with people from a different background. One of its residents gave us fresh water for free, for the first whole week camp.  He testified of the love and good manners that’s taking place on the land. He shared that as a child, he and his brother out of ten children, were taken for couple years into a Christian family in our town, Shefa-Amr (Shfar-Am) and this way they could attend school and later on continue their education and get good jobs and positions. It turned out the family was Anis’s grand- parents.


 “Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days.” Ecc11:1

We also hold day camps for the children from that village, urging them to live with the Love of God.

Work started on the land by planting olive trees then fruit trees and vegetables. All need to be watered, so for more than 20 years we used to pump or pull water from the brook near the land. Our grandchildren were our first volunteers, then rehabilitated people worked there. Later on the Lord sent us local and foreign volunteers who worked the land alongside Anis


Anis dreamt of having fresh water for camps.  It took much effort to provide water each time.

Irrigation is also very crucial in our country especially on the hot summer days.

In The Lord’s timing, in 2018, the Lord sent dear brothers and sisters 

Who graciously supported the project.

It took two full years to have the project done. Many official papers from different companies needed to be in our hands and this March 2020 we had to wait for inspectors from the national water company “Mikorot” and the Antique Authorities to give us an appointment, come and inspect the work being done!! Oh no!! this might take couple more months!!

Frustration ruled over our thoughts and feelings. We even felt the money is losing its value. We’re growing older without fulfilling the vision…. It was very difficult… until we learnt 

to trust the Lord for HIS timing and faithfulness. …We

”could not face the wind, we gave way to it, and were driven” Acts 27: 15

At a heavenly divine appointment, we met these two Inspectors on March 8th and were surprised to recognize one of them as someone who met the Lord and was discipled at the House of Light already in 1988+. Seeing us he got so enthusiastic and both men came together on March 10th. S0 did the workers who dug and laid the pipes. It took one whole day from sunrise to sunset. 

“How great is our God”.

Couple days later, the Corona Virus safety restrictions kicked in. Who except for God knew the best time and the best arrangements!! 

Though our camps and the many activities seem to be cancelled for some months for the Corona issue, Our Lord is in control. He can “make all things work for Good for those who trust in HIM and HIS wisdom”. The seeds that were/are planted on this land in the hearts of those who got/get one on one counselling, got/get discipled, learn/t living together with the love of Christ, enjoy/ed nature and personal time with their redeemer-lover of their soul, eat/ate from the fruit, play/ed football or other games together……etc……these seeds will be big plants and trees. They will keep growing and bearing fruit for HIS Glory . 




You are co-laborers in the Field of the Lord. May HE give you hundred

-folds and more back. We’ll keep you updated as the Lord wants you to rejoice in the fruits of your labor.


Anis , House of Light Board, staff

And all beneficiary 


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==> Here's a video from the day we got running water on the land 


King's Kids Kinder Wochenende See Genezareth 2018

Mon , 11-6-2018

Vom 1.6 bis zum 3.6. hatten wir ein besonderes Wochenende mit den King's Kids Kindern in Tabgha am See Genezareth. Dort konnten wir Bibel lesen, im Wasser spielen, hatten Detektiv-Spiele, Wasserspiele, Bastelstationen und Gebetsstationen.

Familientag Frühling 2018

Wed , 11-4-2018

Vom 23. März bis zum 25. März fand ein weiterer, großartiger Familientag mit jüdischen, arabischen und schweizer Familien in der Baptist Village nahe Petah Tiqua statt. Indem wir uns von unserem himmlischen Vater gesegnet wussten, waren wir auch fähig selbst ein Segen zu sein und anderen mit frohem Herzen zu geben und zu dienen.

Kings Kids auf einer Detektiv-Mission

Sat , 10-3-2018

Wir sind dem Herrn sehr dankbar für unsere Kinder und Jugendlichen von Kings Kids und all die Zeit, die sie miteinander und mit Gott verbringen. Zusammen, in einer starken Gemeinschaft, dürfen wir Gott auf neue Weise erfahren und großartige Sachen gemeinsam unternehmen. In diesem Artikel möchten wir Ihnen einen kleinen Einblick in die aktuellen Kings Kids Aktivitäten geben:

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