December News 2017

Sun , 24-12-2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! A special thank you for each and every one of you who walked alongside us all through the past year, lifting us in prayers, believing in the work we are called to do and supporting House of Light Physically, Spiritually and Financially


Prison ministry

O Come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant....

 O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord


Many among us have forgotten the Promise
while we still, are living day to day
    on the strong rock of hope, an expectation,
    the longing and desire of ages past,
    for God’s power to change people

For them to already live in the Kingdom
    for Jesus to come again.
- Maranatha!

A special thank you for each and every one of you who walked alongside us all through the past year, lifting us in prayers, believing in the work we are called to do and supporting House of Light Physically, Spiritually and Financially

  • We have visited so far 6 prisons together. For these visits we were accompanied by a Finnish group, led by Nina Åström, a famous singer who represented Finland in Eurovision Song festival in 2000.  The Lord used her in a miraculous way to touch many hearts. Our greatest joy was when one prisoner who we have been visiting for many years, gave his life to Jesus, confessed his sins…. All the eyes were welled with tears. 

  • Rejoice with us dear friends and prayer warriors as our brother Nikolay from Pni’el congregation is back serving with us. More prison visits will start after Hanukah (22 December). We get daily phone calls from different inmates who are waiting for the visit. They also ask for prayers. On these group visits around Christmas we are allowed to give a present for each inmate who attends the meeting. The present measures up to 50NIS. On our year-round visits to 26 prisons in the country we get to know inmates who have no families to support them for their basic needs, so the House of Light cares to put 200-300NIS in their canteen once a month according to their need.

  • In the beginning of December prison authorities held a party for all those who volunteer teaching “religion” in prisons. Also the House of Light was appreciated for the voluntary service amongst prisoners of Christian background.


King’s Kids

  • We had a blessed two-day program in Nazareth where we trained King’s Kids Galilee and Jerusalem groups for performances at the Nazareth village around Christmas. The performances took place on the 8, 9th, 14th, 15th and 16th December. We wish you were with us there to enjoy the lifting up, cheerful events. Around 3500 people entered the Nazareth village during the above dates. Choirs, a Bell band and other groups took part. The Galilee King's Kids team hosted the members of the other team. Hosting families gave a big welcome and they would want to have their youth Arabs & Jews, come together again and again under the Banner of Jesus.

  • Our little King's Kids, after the very long time work and the great help of the young leaders, were able to prepare a handmade daily Advent Calendar. We are receiving positive reports from families who have received it, who alongside eating the chocolate are doing the family activities appointed for each day.


Other news

  • The company responsible for giving water for farming land has visited us to check our land as we have applied to be connected to the regional water supply. So far we have been watering the trees and plants from the water of the brook passing by.

  • Olive harvest was a real blessing also this year. We were able to give oil to many needy families and to friends.

  • It's very busy these days, but our two young volunteers are more and more getting used to life and work at House of Light. They are a great help. Praise the Lord.

  • We Anis & Nawal, our three children, their spouses and our 10 grandchildren are growing in “Body and Grace” experiencing the hand of the Lord and His loving care, day by day.

  • Hymnist Henry Burton wrote: 'Have you had a kindness shown? Pass it on. 'Twas not given for thee alone, pass it on. Let it travel down the years, let it wipe another's tears, till in Heaven the deed appears - pass it on.'


Please pray for:

  1. Strong and long life relationships between the King’s Kids groups of youth and children from Galilee, Center and Jerusalem. We are initiating many weekends, trips and activities as we want to see more of Jesus in their friendships and His light shining through them to others around, who still live in darkness.

  2. A second successful three - day Families' conference with at least ten Arab and ten Jewish families + Swiss leaders' team which will take place in March 2018. The first was already in October.

  3. The Christmas prison group visits from now until end January.

  4. Enlarging the House of Light tent. More children are joining the programs and the whole facility is becoming tight. We’re waiting on the Lord to reveal His plan for us.

  5. The young leaders to grow in their faith and responsibilities standing steadfast in the face of challenges.

For some pictures of House of Light activities click on the following link:


Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!









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