Entering the time machine

Thu , 28-8-2008

Being in the shoes of those who walked the land centuries before us Experiencing the life changing encounters with God in the Old Testament, Reliving the astonishing miracles and deeds of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.


Entering the Time Machine

Being in the shoes of those who walked the land centuries before us

Experiencing the life changing encounters with God in the Old Testament

Reliving the astonishing miracles and deeds of Jesus Christ in the New Testament


We, as a King’s Kids young team, enjoyed a monthly expedition, an adventure of entering into Bible stories and being witnesses, through the stimulation of all our senses, to the mightiness of our Lord, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to ay, and forever (Hebrews 13:8)

Going through a dark tunnel, into a maze with the sound of our time machine turning and turning, we
suddenly looked up and realized we’d been sent to a different time zone. Upon arrival we were handed tools or dressed in costumes, or asked for directions or help, making us truly part of the great event taking place, Fatfoot, our lovely puppet accompanied us to all these places, he told us what is actually happening since we were often so overwhelmed and didn’t quite grasp where we’ve landed, he read us the story from God’s word and we learnt how God used these events to teach and to purify H
is people .

One time upon arrival we were each handed a stone and were asked to help build the Bab
el tower, we laid our stones as the sounds of construction work went on, then suddenly a strong sound shocked us, the workers froze in their places, then started speaking to us and to each other in languages we could not understand… Fatfoot explained to us, that God’s word tells us about this, how God spoke to all the people through this event making sure they never forget that He is the only God, the most high and mighty and that no man can ever create or build anything greater than He is…. God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble (James 4:6).

nother time we looked up and realized we arrived at a wedding, the music, the bride, the groom… and the wine (actually strawberry juice )… We were invited to dance and received nicer clothing if we wished to look more elegant for the occasion.. We got a glass of wine, well, part of us did, until they were out of wine… Fatfoot explained what was happening as we watched Jesus talking to the servants and telling them to bring water and pour it into the six jars, the water was poured, but what happened next left us all puzzled and amazed, water came into those jars but what came out was not clear, it was red… we all jumped up with our cups and wanted more… later it was explained to us that truly back then at the wedding in Galillee Jesus did perform His first miracle and He turned the water into wine and people were amazed as we all were, but Fatfoot continued that here with King’s Kids, it was for us to experience the feeling of those who were truly present at that wedding and that what we drank was not wine, it was strawberry juice, the water was poured into jars that had concentrated juice in them, we couldn’t see that, all we saw was that water turning to wine… it was good Fatfoot explained to those who asked, because later that evening we received a phonecall from parents asking us how we performed this miracle at King’s Kids earlier that day…

The Time Machine has taken us back to the creation with Adam and Eve, Abraham and
God’s calling for his life (as we were visited by the Lech L’cha program and by this explained the origin of the name Lech L’cha), we visited Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, the amounts of fish caught by the disciples as they trusted Jesus, also the multiplication of the bread and fish (in a program with 200 kids from Shefar-Am belonging to a nominal Christian organization)… and what we didn’t think could happen, the time machine also managed to take us not only to the past… but also to the future… we arrived at a marvelous and beautiful, breathtaking place, all received white clothing and a crown and as the words were read to our ears, we realized we were in heaven… simply to get a glimpse of the beauty of the home Jesus has gone to prepare for His children…. God is faithful…. What He promises, He fulfills…
“In my Father's house are many mansions: if [it were] not [so], I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you” (John 14:2).

Now as we finish this year’s activity with King’s Kids young, we return back into the present, here and now and find ourselves stronger in faith and in knowledge of our wonderful God… He who will never change, Yesterday, today and forever…. Amen….

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