Family Day 2016 – Baptist Village

Mon , 2-1-2017

When the sun shines on smiling faces of happy people, God is working!

Early in the morning, as the transporter was packed, the cars made of foam were tinkered and so were the little gas stations, prepared to fuel love too. We were ready to go to the Baptist Village… As we arrived there, we prepared everything to welcome Arabic and Jewish families. A few months ago, they all participated at a family weekend of King’s Kids. So the aim was, to renew the deepness in relationships within and between the families and to give each family the opportunity to spend and enjoy time with each other. The issue of the day was how to refuel our love tank like in cars. So we started with taking a picture of every family. 

With a little character sketch, we wanted to show how we can spread and show love for the rest of the family. For example, if your child got a bad mark in school and they are very sad. What would you do as parents? You could go to the gas station of quality time and fuel the children’s love tank, by taking some moments with your child and telling them that everything is going to go right next time. With the story of this sketch, participants of King’s Kids Youth showed the families how to share love in a very practical way. Here and there, the children and parents got the chance as well to test it by embracing the others or cuddling for a few moments.   

After lunch, the families had time to practice what they learned as a family. Together, they went to different stations. They cut some vegetables and gave them to another family. Conversely they received the plate the others prepared and ate it outside between beautiful trees as a picnic. This way, they shared a gift of happiness and joy while blessing other people. Moreover, they had the opportunity to show somebody else their love. As a family, they thought about another person who needed to be encouraged or to whom they would want to give a treat and prayed together for that person. After prayer, they had a large choice of items, like books and toys to choose and to bestow upon that person.         

The program was conducted by our Swiss partners who have already been here several times to encourage and teach us how to continue.  

“May you experience the love of Christ, though it is so great you will never understand it (and may you) be filled with the fullness of life and power that comes from God. (adapted from Ephesians 3:16 NLT)

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