Family Day Autumn 2017

Thu , 8-3-2018

In this article we want to share about the Family Weekend in the beginning of October, where Arabic, Jewish and Swiss families demonstrated unity in Christ and played and prayed together in all their diversity

Many families came together at the Baptist Village in Petah Tiqva to worship God our father.
Being together as a heavenly family also brought us closer to each other in our earthly families and strengthened relationships in and between families,
independently of whether they came from an Arabic, Jewish, Swiss or another background.
The Family Day took part under the topic of "Family - A Team that communicates" which included sharing experiences,
spiritual inputs and of course games with the whole family.
For instance children were supposed to empty a toothpaste tube as fast as they can.
After they finished it they should get the toothpaste back into the tube, which was apparently more difficult and actually even impossible.
So, we learned that sometimes words we speak to each other come out fast and might hurt others and then it is difficult to take them back.
This was just one example of what we did all around the weekend, next to our overnight stays, worship sessions and the amazing food.

If you want to get more impressions about the weekend just click on the following link to see some pictures:;





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