Pre summer break young King's kids activities

Thu , 13-6-2013

Young King's kids held their pre summer break activities including a weekend with their families.



King’s kids’ 2013 summer break is coming soon. The House of Light was full with enthusiastic children and I could see every single smile on the kids’ faces as they entered for the three hour afternoon program. The joy and happiness in their expressions just brings out the light of the Holy Spirit shining through these young children of God.

As the program continued I could notice more and more that the children showed a very strong passion to worship and do the different activities set up for them. Throughout the year the children have attended around 20 different creative prayer stations and at each station they would get new bible verses for sticking on their prayer booklets which travelled home with them as reading material. One station was a "Grace" prayer station. The children would express how their lives were before they came to The Lord and how the grace of God had saved them, each in their personal lives and their lives with their families. In another station, a "family" prayer station, the children were given a sheet of paper to draw, colour or write thanksgiving to the Lord for their family then a prayer request.

At the end of the program we all gathered on the roof for a very special group farewell. Each child was given a balloon and a marker to write Praises, lifting the name of Jesus on high. Once everyone was finished, we would release the balloons at the same time. This was something very thrilling to witness.  It was hard to say goodbye but we blessed them and sent them with the Grace of God, trusting to see each other on Summer camps and other activities until they gather again for the next King’s Kids year round program in October 2013.

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